Samih Güven

Born in 1975 in Turkey I moved to France for studies in 1994 where I live since then and where I developed and intensified my practice of photography. After a degree in political sciences and a master in turkish language and oriental civilizations, I cumulated a lot of jobs in various sectors.

Meanwhile I practiced photography as a hobby, mainly during my long periods of travel in Asia. Since few years, I’m focusing on documentary photography with long term projects about social & human issues, exclusively using film rolls.

I’m now looking forward to go back to Asia as soon as I find sponsors and funding in order to work on a  half dozen of other documentary projects in Asia that I have.


Currently in Paris-France, I’m available for assignments worldwide. For any photography project you may have, you can reach me at or by phone at +33 6 41 84 17 77

You can follow all my posts relative to my essays & photography on my special facebook page and on twitter.


For any request of traditional hand made or fine art digital prints, send me an email at


All the photographs as well as the video material on this site are copyrighted and the exclusive property of Samih Güven. Photographs and video cannot be copied, published nor reproduced in any form.


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