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  • Kashgar, ruins as playground.
  • Kashgar, new angle...
  • Tashkorgan, on the borders of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Pakistan.
  • Tashkorgan with the Tajik mountains behind.
  • Kashgar, lost...
  • Tashkorgan, last "chinese" town on the Karakoram highway before the Pakistan border.
  • Kashgar, still standing... not for long.
  • Kashgar, relics of an interior.
  • Hotan, siesta along the Taklamakan desert.
  • Kashgar, www...
  • Kashgar, recycling material.
  • Kashgar, door left locked...
  • Kashgar, livestock market.

Farewell Xinjiang

The chinese government has initiated in 2009 a large scale of a so called « Redevelopment Program » in all Xinjiang province.

This program consists in demolishing traditional mud-brick constructions in order to replace them with concrete based constructions and as well to reorganize the few traditional Uyghur and Tajik labyrinthine historical districts still standing. The main argument used by the government is that these houses standing perfectly since centuries are dangerous in case of earthquake…

The result is the disappearance of cultural specificities, community neighborhood life in the line of Beijing’s deletion aim of non Han cultures in China.

These photographs have been shot in 2011.

© 2012 Samih Güven – All rights reserved.