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  • Faith & hope.
  • Shi Paw Klain, 12 years old, escaped from his village afraid of being recruited as a soldier.
  • Non resident kids going back home after the school day.
  • Play time.
  • The burmese alphabet for kinder garden.
  • During the building of the library / office room.
  • Teaching english anywhere, anytime.
  • David and his staff are feeding over 100 boarders and 200 non-resident kids.
  • Nana Min Min, the wife of David, Teacher and always available for helping Kyaw Kyaw the Cook.
  • Guardians as well as game partners.
  • Yan Naing Lin, 9 years old, abandoned.
  • Moe Sanda Tun, 3 years old, abandoned.
  • Chit San Naing, 3 years old, divorced parents, boarder.
  • Need for isolation...
  • Aung Myat Thu, 4 years old, asthmatic, abandoned.

Orphan & Illegal, part 3

The civil war between the Karen ethnic minority and the Burmese Government of Myanmar is the oldest ongoing war in the world since 1949…Over 2.000.000 Burmese refugees are estimated to be in Thailand: 400.000 of them are Karen. 200.000 are concentrated in and around Mae Sot, neighboring the Karen State of Myanmar…

Poverty and fightings caused a dramatic rise of orphaned and abandoned displaced children, living in crowded refugee camps or slums of the border zone.

These children quickly find themselves in the need of begging or stealing. They mostly end as victims of forced labor, sexual exploitation and drug. They suffer of malnutrition, multiple diseases, psychological traumas and have no access to any education. Most of these children do not have any citizenship, they are illegals in Thailand and can’t be adopted.

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