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  • On the No Man's Land of the Thai-Myanmar border.
  • End of the day in AGAPE.
  • Cha Ea Htoo, 2 years old, father in jail, non resident.
  • One of the 7 classrooms of AGAPE.
  • A shelter.
  • During a celebration for donators.
  • David Min Naing, the Head Master.
  • Morning Thai flag ceremony.
  • Students transport.
  • Entrance.
  • The portal of AGAPE Orphanage, Boarding House and Learning Center.
  • A prayer.
  • The sand bank's slum, on the No Man's Land zone.
  • Along the border, sewers as a playground
  • Ko Ko U, 9 years old, suffers from heart disease, non resident.

Orphan & Illegal, part 1

Poverty and fightings caused a dramatic rise of orphaned and abandoned displaced children, living in crowded refugee camps or slums of the border zone.

These children quickly find themselves in the need of begging or stealing. They mostly end as victims of forced labor, sexual exploitation and drug. They suffer of malnutrition, multiple diseases, psychological traumas and have no access to any education. Most of these children do not have any citizenship, they are illegals in Thailand and can’t be adopted.

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