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  • Mid-day break, Beijing.
  • Night shift on the olympic site, Beijing.
  • Foundations of the airport rail link, Bangkok.
  • Glass cleaners, Shangai.
  • From the 94th floor, Shangai.
  • Washing before exiting the site, Chongqing.
  • End of working day, Bangkok.
  • Bath time, Bangkok.
  • Night silhouette, Singapore.
  • Night drilling, Singapore.
  • Lights testing, Singapore.
  • Afternoon break, Macao.
  • Chao Phraya river banks, Bangkok.
  • No more leaf on the court, Hong Kong.

Asian Working Class Heroes

This gallery has been inspired to me by an ear worm « Working Class Heroes » from John Lennon while I was traveling in Asia from summer 2008 to autumn 2009. Indeed, wherever I was in Asian big cities there was a real opportunity to meet and see workers anytime, building or maintaining those cities. In this gallery I’ve tried to show the heroism of these men that are always in the shadow of the cities and to bring on them some light to reveal with colors their strength and their courage.

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